Stephanie Metz                                                  Cityscapes/Landscapes Artist's Statement

I am interested in the interplay between landscape and architecture of human design.  People impose their designs on a landscape, and the landscape influences the choices people make in their building.  The patterns that emerge are a blending of the effects of the manmade and the natural world. 

Traveling in Italy inspired my Cityscape/Landscape group of paintings.  In Tuscany the line between the manmade and the natural world seems to be a particularly blurry one.  The buildings and farmlands are cut from the earth and show the imperfect geometry of weathered stone and wood.  Time and history seem to smooth over the differences between natural and constructed landscapes.

My abstracted landscapes and cityscapes are my meditation on the forms that occur in nature, the forms people construct, and the relationship between the two.  In the process of painting I began to see the organic contributions to geometry as well as the geometry that can be found in the organic.